WALTHAM, MA—The Mishra Group, a Waltham, MA-based full-service PR and integrated marketing firm that has served over 100 clients, today announced that it has completed the design of a new website for Waldman & Associates, a real estate brokerage firm that provides services for office, multifamily, retail, storage facilities, 1031 exchanges, and mixed-use properties in Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

Dan Waldman

“The Mishra Group team did a fabulous job and took our firm to the next level in terms of design, messaging and branding,” said Daniel Waldman, founder and CEO of Waldman & Associates. “We are very happy with the Mishra Group’s work.”

To view the new Waldman & Associates website, please click here.

Founded in 1997, the Mishra Group specializes in PR and integrated marketing services, seamlessly integrating PR, social media, traditional media, website and email campaigns to get its clients to the forefront of the marketplace in their respective industries.

Upendra Mishra

“We are very pleased that we were able to take our client’s concept and ideas and design a website that reflects the world-class services provided by Waldman & Associates,” said Upendra Mishra, managing partner of The Mishra Group. “From concept to content to design and the site’s seamless integration with the digital world, the Mishra Group team delivered everything our client wanted.”

The Mishra Group’s inbound approach, combined with powerful PR, digital media and timely content, pulls prospects to its clients instead of bombarding inconsistent and disruptive messages to prospects.

“Our proven, process-based strategies cut costs by getting the job done smarter, faster and better,” said Mr. Mishra.

Waldman & Associates, a commercial real estate brokerage firm, specializes in finding the right tenant for a location. The firm analyzes the space and location, matching the needs of tenants and bringing them to clients’ property, using its extensive network of investors who are scouting investment opportunities. The firm brokers office, multifamily, retail, storage facilities, 1031 exchanges, and mixed-use properties.